Foto: Audun Munthe




HULDRA is a Norwegian AOR band and they have just released their debut CD, an excellent Classic piece of Scandi AOR, sung in the Norwegian language. HULDRA is not a new band, because they released under the monniker HEAVEN a fantastic much sought AOR CD entitled ‘Take me back’. Anyway, now they are called HULDRA and this is their first release under that new name. The songs are almost all pure AOR, similar in style to BRETT WALKER’s debut album and also acts like DAVINCI, HEAVEN, THOMAS VIKSTROM (very very much) come to mind when hearing HULDRA.

There are 11 songs on the CD, and although the start of the album is a bit poppy and the band uses a lot of acoustic guitars, I can still say that this is one of the best Norwegian AOR releases in years! Especially towards the end of the album, it’s all pure 80s AOR that can be heard. The band consists of vocalist Kenneth Pedersen, guitarist/bassist Tomi Pedersen and drummer Arnfinn Knutsen. Opener “Neste morgens lys” is a great calmer semi AOR ballad with a very melodic chorus and an updated sound, not unlike FOR ABSENT FRIENDS.

The following two songs are the only tracks on the whole CD that sounded a bit weak, namely the calmer westcoast-AOR song “Me ska komma tebake” and the poppy “Naboens brod”. The remaining 8 songs are all in the Classic AOR vein, with as best tracks “Nar eg dromme” (a la BRETT WALKER), “Pa byen” (catchy 80s fun uptempo melodic rocker), “Ei nye tid” (lovely short AOR ballad), “Mot ukjent hav” (fantastic midtempo AOR), “Kvite seil” (pretty good semi AOR ballad), “Alt du ser” (great AOR) and closing track “Pa dissa fjell” (fantastic semi AOR ballad).

This is a really a great album and a must if you dig BRETT WALKER’s debut, THOMAS VIKSTROM’s solo CD and anything from bands like DAVINCI, HEAVEN, TREAT and the rest of the Classic Scandi-AOR sound. More info at: and you can buy the album through Soon an interview with the band!

Rating: 9/10 (Review by Gabor Kleinbloesem)