Foto: Audun Munthe



 Title :  I Syndens Sloer
 Label :   Huldra Records
 Release year :   2004
 Produced by :   Kjetil Ulland
 Review by :   Terje Hoiland
 Rating :  8

Huldra is over us again with a brand new album, entitled ‘I Syndens Slør’. Like their first album ‘Neste Morgens Lys’ is this new album also written in norwegian, but that doesn’t drag down the quality on the good music we’ve got here. You can still hear the signature of the band Heaven, which is the members of Huldra’s previous band.

The band plays good pop/rock that segue into pure AOR in songs like “Du Gaarr”, an uptempo song with lots of guitars and keyboards. It reminds me of the good old days of AOR. Other songs I would like to shed light on is “Her Står Eg”, sound like an 80’s uptempo ballad with a shredding guitar solo (great, guys!). “Den Du E” is another one, back to the good old 80’s AOR again. “Fine Mennesker”, “Kom Til Ditt Vindu” and “Skyt Haal Paa Ledningen” also continues in the AOR genre. It sounds like Heaven anno 2005 with norwegian lyrics.

I will also mention that ‘I Syndens Slør’ sounds freshier than ‘Morgens Dagens Lys’, and by no means that the latter one is also a great album. But since then they have put more focus on the guitars and the keyboards as well as put even more work into the main songwriting. This is an album for the fans of the good old AOR style and the band Heaven.

Review by Terje Hoiland
Translated By Per Erik Jansen