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HULDRA “Neste Morgens Lys” 2001 (Huldra Records)

Do you remember the Norwegian AORsters Heaven that released a brilliant and very rare album “Take Me Back? 3 of the members has put together a new band called Huldra. They have done a sensational album with Norwegian lyrics and they have done it with class. They mix AOR with rock and some pop influences and if you like acts like Millenya, Return, Peo, Mikael Erlandson and Heaven you will love this album. This is a awesome album with 11 songs. There is only one downpoint on the album and that is the country sounding “Naboens Brod” that I don´t think fits in to this album. I could pick out rest of the 10 songs to talk about but I will just mention couple. The fantastic ballad “Nar Eg Dromme” is brilliant with lovely melodies and the singer Kenneth Pedersen sings with emotions. “Pa Byen” is a great rocker that reminds of Return and contains nice harmony vocals. Ballad of the album is the beautiful “Ei Nye Tid”, this is a awesome pianoballad that has little of the sound that Heaven got. “Alt Du Ser” has great hooklines and melodies that reminds of Mikael Erlandson. The album ends with the best track called “Pa Dissa Fjell”. This is a mid-tempo AOR-song with a sing-a-long chorus and has the fantastic elements that Heaven brought us in the late 80´s. I don´t know how big Huldra is in Norway but this is a album that should give them some attention in their homecountry and outside. Don´t be afraid to check out this album even that the songs are with Norwegian lyrics.

This is a new sensation from Norway.

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