Foto: Audun Munthe


I Syndens slør

Style: AOR/Pop
Format: Album
Reviewed by: Juha

Norwegian Huldra has just released their 2nd album called I Syndens Slor. This is almost the same band that released a rare fantastic AOR album in the 80s with the band Heaven. They have changed name and now they also sing with their own language aswell. But don´t let that scare you away because they deliver a nice pop/rock album with AOR influences. Many of the songs are mid-tempo songs with lovely melodies and just listen to the harmonies throughout the whole album, it´s just amazing. The arrangements are also very good and they are only 3 in the band but the background vocals are powerful and strong. They use lots of 80s keyboards, synths and hammond in their sound and that makes it sound very 80s but still with a modern production. I think they have found a great mix in their sound.
If you imagine more laidback and poppier Return, Stage Dolls mixed with Stefan Andersson singing in Norwegian language then you got Huldra.
When I recieved their debut album I was hooked and their new album is like with their debut album and I can´t take it off from my CD-player and I been playing this one over and over again. Out of the 11 songs on the album I can found 5-6 fantastic songs and the rest is not far behind. One thing that I miss with this album is maybe couple of more up-tempo songs with more rockier touch to give the album more variation.
Best song of the album is the brilliant Her Står Eg that reminds of Return soundwise with a strong chorus and sing-a-long feel over it(if I only could Norwegian).
I don´t know but these guys should be huge in Norway and be on the charts with this album because this must take people by storm if they are into popmusic.
Guys, record the next album in english and I